Your mock exam looks and feels like a real on-line exam. Each mock exam lasts for a maximum of 30 minutes and consists of 25 randomised questions*. The pass mark each mock exam mirrors the real exam, so you must get 60% (70% for regulatory exams) to pass. You can re-take a mock exam as often as you like.


After launching your chosen exam from the menu below, simply select the radio button next to the answer you consider correct and then use the arrow keys to move to the next question. If you want to change an answer, just click another button. When you have answered all the questions you can, click on the Finish button and your result will appear on the screen. Then, if you select Question Breakdown, you will see which questions you got right and which ones you got wrong.

*NB - the mock exam for Certificate in Taxation (Bahamas) lasts for a maximum of 1 hour and consists of 35 randomised questions

Create a Home Screen Bookmark

You can now test your knowledge when you are out and about - here's how.

1. Browse to
2. Via the phone's menu icon, select "Add shortcut to home".

1. Browse to
2. Via the phone's menu icon, select "Add to Home Screen".

Windows Mobile (unsupported)
1. Browse to
2. Click the action icon in the browser toolbar and select "Add shortcut to Home Screen".
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